About Us

PEAK Performance has 12 locations in 4 states, and are growing at a rapid pace. What sets us apart from other personal training organizations, is our people. We hire, train, and develop quality individuals. Over the years, by doing so, we have found that our organization is now full of high quality people, who have plain and simply, set us apart from the competition. Our greatest asset, is our team.

Our Company

For almost a decade, PEAK Performance has been motivating people to surpass their self-imposed limits on a daily basis. We provide the most experienced personal trainers in the area, who are trained under the PEAK brand to ensure next-level professionalism, quality, and reliability. We believe a personal trainer is so much more than just a person who “writes up your workouts”. We believe a personal trainer has to be a quality individual who brings positive energy, motivation, passion, and expertise to you and your fitness program. Your personal trainer will believe in you.

Whether you have a performance goal or an appearance goal, we have a qualified PEAK trainer for you. We pride ourselves on your positive results and focus our efforts on helping you unlock your full fitness potential, thus Reaching Your PEAK.


Reach your fitness/health goals with a staff devoted to excellence. We are located inside Fitness For 10 and have multiple locations across the United States.


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