At 68, I had developed 3- inch love handles, a flabby stomach and had little to no upper-arm strength. After 4 months of customized training (exercise and nutrition) with Melissa Lattin, I have lost 15 pounds, have a waistline again, and am back in all my clothes. But best of all, I can saddle and mount my horse more easily and I ride with better balance and strength. I feel great! I am so pleased to recommend Melissa. She challenges you past what you think you can do but combines it with encouragement, support, and patience!

Joan S.

"Melissa has been a great inspiration for me and tough at the same time. She seems to know how much to push you without burning you out. I feel like I can do it with her help. Love her best workout trainer ever. "

Darla L.

"I have been on Tai’s training regiment for 3 weeks and can state without a doubt that I could never have made the progress I have made just going to the gym. Tai’s personal training program is comprehensive, from a fitness plan tailored to me personally to design geared to my needs as a Type II diabetic. Most importantly, she is an incredible motivator who skillfully uses encouragement and positively. She is a gem!!"

Michelle H.

"I started this year like most of us do. A new year's resolution to lose weight and get in shape. I was 260lbs,I only ate once a day, I had no energy, and I got winded running to the mail box (at the end of my drive way) heck I couldn't even do a push up which earned me the nick name dough boy. I decided enough was enough. I set specific goals "I want to run a 10min mile and be able to bench 170". I started a diet program "The food lovers weight loss program". It started with a herbal cleanse which speed up my metabolism and started me eating healthier 6-7 times a day. I dropped 25lbs in 6 days. Which was great and all but I still had no strength. So I joined Fitness for $10. On the first day I went in it was very apparent that I lacked the confidence and knowledge I needed to get the results I wanted. I didn't where to start. I signed up for a free assessment from a personal trainer. After the assessment I made the best investment I have ever made in my life and signed up for a personal trainer from Peak Performance. First I started training with Jared Page, but he moved shortly after we began training. Then I started training with Joshua Rogers by far one of the coolest people I have ever met. I have been training with Josh since February. He has personally taken my body from the flabby dough that it started out as and has shaped it into the fit and lean body it is now. Since I started training with Josh I have lost 16.5Lbs body fat, gained 14.6Lbs muscle and have dropped from 34.7% body fat to 27.8% body fat. I am now 224Lbs, I can run a 10min mile, I can bench 170 and I'm in the best shape I have been in since High School. Now I'm raising the bar, I want to drop my body fat down to 15% and for the first time in my life have a six pack. I know with the knowledge and confidence that Josh has given to me I will succeed."

Josh R.

"This story starts about six weeks ago, my mom and I decided it was time to go back to the gym. We hadn't worked out in a long time and let's just say we were way over due. We started on the treadmill and then wondered around down stairs to see what we wanted to start with. I have to admit we were both a little clueless as to what equipment to use. As we were wondering around pondering what to do, we stopped this bald trainer and asked him, what was a good machine for legs and butt? Instead of just pointing in the direction of a machine or telling us what to do and leaving, he spent the next 30 minutes teaching us how to use the equipment. I have to say, he was a little pushy, demanding and after that 30 minutes was up, I truly thought I was going to die! As my mom and I walk out of the gym feeling like we couldn't take one more step, we started talking about this bald trainer (at this point we couldn't remember his name). We talked on the way to my mom's house and continued to talk about him until I left her house that evening. We couldn't believe that in just 30 minutes he kicked our butts that bad. I told my mom the things I liked most about him, was his demanding and pushy attitude. I tend to be a little pushy myself and had he been any nicer I would have pulled the girl card and wined a little to not workout as hard. Yeah I know what can I say. My mom liked that even though she and I are on two different levels of working out, he recognized there were things she had a harder time doing and he didn't push her past what she was capable of. These conversations continued for the next couple days and we decided to check into having him as our trainer. We also asked my oldest daughter if she wanted to join with us. We all went in and sat down with the bald trainer, he went over the prices and told us it would be hard to work with three people, but we could work something out. We did our weigh in and I couldn't believe how out of shape and over weight we all were. I weighted 203.6 my BF was 43.7, BMI of 29.9 and my muscle was 24.8. He told us what he expected from us and that this was a joint partnership. We had to workout with him, on our own and if we gave him a 100% he would give us a 100%. After a few times working out with him there was no way we could forget his name. He went from bald trainer to Josh. Josh worked out with all of us for a week or so and he was right, it was too hard to have the three of us with one person. He asked another training to work with my daughter and he continued to work with my mom and I.
Almost six weeks later, he is still pushy, demanding and we walked out of there feeling like we're going to die; however, It's a different feeling from when we started until now. He doesn't push us beyond what we are capable of and pushes us when he knows we can give a little more. He told me yesterday I was going to run half a mile. I looked at him like he was crazy! There was no way I would be able to do that. I got started and he was there the entire time telling me I could make and not to give up. He was right; I made it and didn't die in the process. I was proud of myself and glad he gave me that push to get my butt moving.
As of June 30, 2010, almost six weeks later, I now weight 192.8, BF is 39.5, BMI of 28.3 and muscle is 26.8. I can't explain how good it feels to look at those numbers and know all the hard work is paying off. It inspires me to continue working hard and trusting Josh in everything we do. Josh was right; if I gave him 100% he would give me 100%. I can't tell you how glad I am that six weeks ago we stopped that bald trainer and asked him for help. Not that I want to give him a big head, but I couldn't imagine working with anyone else.
Josh: Thank you for the last six weeks! They haven't been easy but it has been worth it. You are a great trainer and I can't wait to see what the next six week will offer. Thank you again!"

Tassie B.

"Working with Joshua has been the best decision I've made this year. I came to him with the simple goal of "toning up", but I got so much more. Not only have I "toned up", but I am also healthier, stronger, more flexible, and my posture and confidence have greatly improved as a result. I love the progress that I've been making and I always look forward to the next workout because I know I will be challenged physically and mentally. Joshua's attention to good form has helped me build my confidence in my workouts and in my body. Thanks Joshua!!!"

Celia G. - Carson City

"I'm 58 with a new hip & my young friend who has been training with Joshua for month asks me to come train with her. She said Joshua has changed her body & mind to a NEW WAY OF THINKING ABOUT WORKING OUT. After working out 1 time with Joshua I asked him how can you possibly work out 1 old lady with a new hip & 1 young lady at the same time? Joshua who always has a smile on his face and a very positive attitude responded of course I can. I will modify your exercises if I have to but you both will be working at your body's capacity. Well after 3 weeks with Joshua I have changed my mind & body too!"

Angela H. - Carson City

"Joshua Rogers is a great personal trainer! He is professional and works with you to create a training plan that assesses your current health status and ythen creates a plan to meet your fitness goals. He personalizes your sessions and motivates you without making you feel overwhelmed. He is knowledgeable about all the equipment at the gym and teaches you how to use it. His goal is to help you meet your goals. Thanks Josh!"

Jo Lynee L.

"I am a 69 year old woman who ripped both ipsoas tendons when I last gave birth 38 years ago. I was unable to walk for about a year and a half. When I was able to walk again, I was advised that those tendons would be weak for the rest of my life and I have found them to be so. I have been laid up for weeks at a time with a lot of pain many times since. The activity I loved most was ripped from me in that I was unable to dance with my husband for more than 1/2 slow dance when the pain would hit me and I would be off my feet for a week. I was lucky one night not too long ago at the casino and won some money. The next morning I was to have an evaluation by RJ Lloyd. I had decided to take the tai chi class and to try to at least built up my arm muscles although I was told I had permanent nerve damage in both of them. I did the evaluation and bought some of the Personal Training sessions from RJ. I swear to you he was trying to kill me but when I told him a certain exercise caused pain in the tendons, he would change it up so it didn't hurt me. I have completed 9 sessions so far. One day when I opened my front door, my miniature dachshund got out. I put on shoes and went after him trying to see where he was going as there is no hope for catching him. At least I thought so, until I caught up with him. I wasn't even winded. I know it happened but I am shocked I could do it. Then came Valentine's Day. My husband and I went to a party. As usual, we began our token one dance. But we didn't stop in the middle because of my pain. We finished the dance and I was very pleased that after 17 years together, we finally had 1 full dance together. But we had to push the envelope when he asked me to dance again. I advised him it wouldn't last long. But it lasted until the end of the song. Again he asked me but I regained good sense and said "No." He got the DJ to put pressure on me and although I knew I would pay for it with pain, I danced a third complete dance with my husband with no pain. The next morning, I still had no pain. I'm still waiting! Nothing in my life has really changed except the workouts with RJ. He blessed me with helping me get strength that I have never had before."

Donna S.