Alissa H

Carson City, Nevada

April 12th, 2016

alissaI have been training with Tai Ferguson since December of 2015. I had been going to the gym frequently and was soon referred by a reliable friend to train with Tai. I was unsure at the moment simply because many my previous trainers did not seem worthy of the time and money spent. Although, I observed how Tai treated her clients as well as the love her clients had for her and this is when I decided to give her a shot.

After enrolling with Tai, my whole life style had changed for the better. She has explained to me how exercising and eating well can lead to the results I have always desired, why we do each exercise we perform, and how recovery time is important. She provides me with diet plans that are fit for my body type as well as enduring workouts that allow me to reach my full potential. She has taught me the proper way to use machines and the best techniques to build muscle. I now can go to the gym and properly use equipment and get a solid workout in. If I have any questions about nutrition, training intensity and duration, or even just in need of some motivation, she is the first person I call.

Every week I look forward to training with Tai because I have her complete attention throughout the entire session. She is constantly checking that I lift with safety and composure to further my results. She pushes me to work harder than I ever could on my own, but we have endless amounts of fun while doing it. For the time that I have been with her, Tai has never missed or been late to a single session. I can also always count on her to schedule me at a time of my own convenience even if that means waking up at four in the morning or skipping her lunch, she has continuously made time for me.

Not only does Tai work while she’s at the gym, but on her days off she will text me asking how my diet plan is holding up and to make sure that I get in the gym a few extra times that week to improve on what we have worked on for the past couple of months. She is truly a trainer that has a passion for the gym and cares about all of her clients as she gets to know each one of them on a personal level. She is more than just a trainer, she is a complete life coach who I can count on at any time.

Most importantly, I am completely satisfied with my new body and fitness level. Tai and I have put in countless hours of work to reach my goal as an individual and I can proudly say I have reached it. I am lifting heavier weights than I ever have before and am seeing significant increases to my definition.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Tai to anyone looking for a devoted, knowledgeable, and well-rounded trainer and friend to help them succeed in their very own fitness journey.