Brian B

Brian-Burton1When I turned 50 I read a book by two doctors entitled “Younger Next Year.” This book incentivized me to get off the couch and into the gym. I’m 55 now and I’m in better shape than many guys half my age. I credit Michael Perez and Peak Performance with my transformation. Michael accepts the fact that I’m inherently lazy and yet somehow knows how to motivate me to keep exercising. He will shatter your stereotypes about body builders. I definitely would have dropped out (like 90% of the gym goers do after January each year) but Michael reminded me all along that I’m too valuable to relegate my future to the limitations of an aging out-of-shape body. I get tons of compliments now and have never felt better. Michael is a supreme coach and optimist. He varies the routines, laughs, and listens. He doesn’t judge. Michael is a unique combination of intellect, integrity, ambition and teacher. We are blessed to have him and his team in Nevada. I recommend him without reservation.

Brian B.
President and CEO
Three Square Food Bank
Las Vegas, NV